Get Maximized Dimensions

Hey there,

Best way to get dimensions of window if it was maximized?

Is there anyway I could calculate the width and height of window, if it is in the maximized state.

I want to limit the size of window of it goes over the size of a maximized window. How would I best accomplish this?

I just wanted to make sure I am not overlooking anything important. What I am trying to accomplish is creating a centred window that can go up to the size that it can fit on the screen, excluding the taskbar or whatever else might get in the way of that. I want to make the window scrollable if it goes over the maximized window size.

Should I just create a module that creates an invisible maximized window and it takes the width and height of that? Any tips for managing the size and positions of windows?


remember you may have to also deal with multiple monitors with varying resolutions… so on the same computer, the window may max out to differnt sizes depending on what screen the user has moved it to.

Thanks people.

Ah, I did not think there would be such a method as AvailableWidth.