Get Headers for UrlConnection

I’m downloading updates with Kaju. Since a while I’ve moved the updates to a CDN. Some users have reported stalled downloads. The CND support wants me to send them the internet headers. But how do I get them? The HeadersReceived even fires but there are no headers to be seen:

Sub HeadersReceived(URL As String, HTTPStatus As Integer) Handles HeadersReceived
End Sub

It’s a property you have to loop through.

If your CDN is cloudflare I’d recommend anyone else.

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I’m not using CloudFlare.

What am I doing wrong? The code below makes an OutOfBoundsException:

dim temp as String
while self.ResponseHeaders.Iterator.MoveNext
  temp = temp + self.ResponseHeaders.Iterator.Value

Documentation isn’t clear about this but ResponseHeaders is a Pair

This should work better:

Var headers() as String
For each header as pair in me.ResponseHeaders
  headers.Add header.Left + ": " + header.Right

Var allHeaders as String = String.FromArray(headers, Endofline)

Now, I understand. I saw something about the pair in older posts. But then someone mentioned the iterator and I thought that this was supposed to be the new version of doing things. I’ll do a ticket for the documentation.

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