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What you need to do is share on FB, or retweet about Omegabundle for Xojo 2014, and you will get:

What do I write in the FB share link box? How do I get hold of it?

I am having an error.


Try as it says. Where are you getting an error?

When you follow the link then hit “share” (it is under the picture). Make sure you set to “public” who can see this post.

I have done that. I don’t see how I am meant to submit evidence for sharing. It asks for a link in the purchase form. What goes in that? Just the original link you gave me?


This is what is says when I tried linking my Facebook profile and when I linked the original link:
'Order processing error !
Payment processor can not process your order. Data is invalid.

Please contact administrator and report the error(s).’

Mine was

So have you tried your facebook page?

Yeah, I get the same error as Oliver. I registered with the site okay (I can log in and out) but I still get the error. It doesn’t specifically say it has to do with the share link, just that the payment processor can not process my order and that some data is invalid. sad trombone

I’m having trouble looking for how to make share link like the one Markus shared.


Yeah me too. Registered fine, I get an email confirming etc.

Exact error after submission is:

[quote]Order processing error !
Payment processor can not process your order. Data is invalid.

Please contact administrator and report the error(s).[/quote]

Go to your timeline and find the post where you share the link. Right click on the time you posted it (mine says “7 mins”) and copy the address.

Okay, it worked for me in Chrome, but Safari gives the error. Try in a different browser.

Click on it to open the link. Then copy the URL. Did it that way on my iPad.

Also, I meant the redemption site works with chrome. Getting the FB link works anywhere.

Redemption not working for me in Chrome. But did work in Safari. Go figure.

Worked for me in Chrome, not in FF though. Look forward to my bonuses!

Thanks. This seemed to get it working. I will need to get my phone first so I can login to my email because of Microsoft’s security.

My understanding is that the URLs get tested. Anyone who submitted up to yesterday should be getting theirs today (or earlier).

If you submit today, then the vendors get informed tomorrow.

BTW, if you haven’t read the SQLite news for Valentina Server, part 1 was last week, part 2 came out yesterday. Its definitely of interest to anyone who got the Omegabundle.

Lynn, that’s nice to read, however you guys REALLY need to work on your “social” skills.

You talk about the Valentina Developer Network. Is there a link to it? Is there a link to the Valentina home page? To pricing? To ANY relevant information for someone who wants to know more?

No. In some respects this is the WORST website you can have, as you do not look at it from a potential customer’s viewpoint, and that makes it pretty but unprofessional.

So please put some decent links into your blog.

Everyone got their freebies? Or in other words: bump.