Get Bios ID

Is there a class for getting the bios ID(Cross-Platform)?

what is bios ID for you?

Someone could implement something like DMIdecode.

GPL and 6 years old and linux only. Not good.

Question is what you need to know?

Anyway, the MBS Plugins have some functions.

You can get product ID on Windows, Serial Number on Mac, the CPU Product name and other values.

“implement something like” does not mean “use this”. :slight_smile: I heard a guy made a DOS version analyzing how this works, so I guess it’s possible. V 2.12 is 2 years old (april/2013) and the specs still the same since then.

if diego wants a plugin to do something special, he can email me.

But I doubt you can easily query bios due to security stuff. e.g. you would need root access.


[quote=170418:@Diego Campanella]Hi!
Is there a class for getting the bios ID(Cross-Platform)?[/quote]

For windows you can do this: