Gesture Events / Touch Screen

Does anybody expect the Xojo Framwork to implement inherent Gesture Events (on canvases etc) in the near future?

If not, is there a way to handle these events?

For example, right now on my app using a scrollbar linked to a canvas on a touch-screen with Windows 7/8/10 it doesn’t work properly unless you click the up/down arrows…and I’d also like to be able to scroll the bar (and the associated canvas) by swiping down or up on the canvas etc.

Microsoft did a superb work enabling one finger gestures on standard apps.

You can catch the swipe gesture in a canvas by measuring the distance between mousedown and mouseup. It is not very difficult to do in pure Xojo. The same technique is used in some Android apps BTW.

The mouse scroll is obtained through MouseWheel. The scroll gesture is obtained by dragging the finger over the canvas, so it takes place in MouseDown/MouseUp.

Thanks guys. So are there any declares or plugins that can be used to handle this cross-platform or do we literally have to study OS X and Windows frameworks and convert what we find to Xojo? Has anyone created any feedback cases about this? If not I think I need to! It seems crazy to me that this kind of functionality is not already part of Xojo as events to be utilized.

There is no touch enabled OS X devices. No OS X tablets either. Only iPad which is under iOS.

Of course. Doh!

Maybe we should ask Denise first about target:

Mac? Windows? Linux? iOS?

Web or normal app?

MBS Plugin has a couple of events on Mac for gestures.

Christian, that was in her OP :

That said, it should be easy for you to come up with a plugin based on the messages Jean Paul linked to :

Our newer WinNotificationMBS class in 16.1 can attach to a xojo window and give you an event for the WM_POINTER message.
That may already be enough to get it done with a little ptr/structure to read the values.

Of course I could also make an extra class if someone emails me and volunteers to test.

It’s a shame WM_POINTER isn’t backwards compatible with Windows 7. Would WM_POINTER be able to differentiate between pinch in/out, swipe (all directions), tap (mouse click), tap and hold, tap and drag, and double-tap (double mouse click) ?

I may have something for you to try later today. Made great progress here!

With MBS Plugin 16.2pr2 we got a couple of new classes:


and I include a sample project in the prerelease. Maybe it works for you?