German shops for Raspberry

Maybe someone have available shops in Germany for raspberry board + accessories?
Online shops will much better…
Thank you

for buying one or 1000s?

We have a new project and we want to test with raspberry and PixExtend.
But here in Greece all the shops is out of orders,and i have i friend in live in Germany he ask me to find a shop and he buy it.

I got mine from Reichelt:

They have a couple of Raspberry Pi models there.
And I bought mine as a bundle with power supply, case and Wifi.

you can buy at element14 or farnell they deliver in europe

My Raspberry is from CONRAD. You can buy online or in a shop.


Or you can buy from a dutch shop:

Thank you guys i will send this links works great :slight_smile:

For starting our project we buy this.
Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B 1 GB
PixExtend Board
i miss something?