GenerateJSON `expanded` property broken?

According to the docs, GenerateJSON() takes an optional property expanded (that defaults to False) that includes whitespace to make the string more human-readable (closed in Feedback case 37033).

However, this doesn’t work for me. I always get back compact JSON.

I see @Thom_McGrath was banging his head against a brick wall with this bug back in November but got no response from Xojo engineers.

Is this a regression? I’m running Xojo 2021 r3.1 on an M1 MBP.

I don’t know if it’d be classified as a regression if it never worked on ARM Macs. But it is concerning that Xojo has made no progress on the issue.

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Did you ever open another Feedback case for it?

The bug is <>

Thanks. I’ve just stuck 75 points onto the case. Who knows if it’ll make a difference as it’s already a verified bug :man_shrugging:

It did work in 2020r1.1. When I updated to 2021r3.1 is when I found it had stopped working. I think it happened at the same time they removed the default UTF8 encoding.

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The “best” workaround I’ve been able to come up with is using MBS to parse and regenerate the JSON. It does this very fast, so it’s not much of a performance hit. But the JSON it generates can be a bit weird, so I want to avoid it.

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I was planning to do the same thing with Einhugur to resolve Apple’s no-more-python warning.

Is anything going to happen with this one @Greg_O_Lone?

The case is marked as Fixed for the next release.


Wow… just half an hour before my post. I suppose I should have checked first. But I also would have expected to get an email from Feedback. Guess that’s broken again.

AFAIK they only send out emails when its verified as shipped because something might come up that means it cant make it into the release and they don’t want to get peoples hopes up. I think it was mentioned the other day somewhere.