Generated HTML mail not correct in Outlook

I also noticed that similar email uses tables for positioning.
The problem is that the generated HTML from BKeeney Shorts Report Designer doesn’t create tables.
The generated HTML uses absolute poisoning.
Here in the Netherlands Outlook is one of the most used mail software.

I think that the conclusion is:
Automatic generated HTML email using BKeeney Shorts Report Designer isn’t going to work.
Pity, would have been very nice if it worked.

Now I have to find another way to generate HTML emails.

Hm…well…off the top of my head you could modify the HTMLRenderer to generate the HTML for a table. It’s not something I plan on adding to the product (since no on has asked) but that’s the beauty of the Renderer classes. You can do whatever you want with them.

Just the other day I created a CSV Renderer for Shorts. The PDF renderer and graphics object renderer use it the exact same way so I belief it wouldn’t be a big stretch to modify the existing class.

Thank you Bob, that is a good idea.
I’ll see if I can create a Mail Renderer based on the HTMLRenderer.