generate barcodes.


I want to create project About generate barcodes

I had to do it

thank you

Well, we have barcode creation/recognition plugin.

hi Christian,

do you have EAN/GS1 barcode types that have the AI in the human readable but not in the encoded string?

EAN is supported. No problem.
You can have them generated with or without text below.
And even drawn as vector graphics to a PDF.

the ean 128 used for shipping barcodes in the supply chain has AI embedded

the human readable has () chars in that are not in the encoded string

so the human readable might be (01)234567(15)1234
but when you scan it with a barcode scanner you get 01234567151234

is it possible to do this without having to draw a seperate string under the barcode?

Well, I think you need to write yourself text below in that case.

ah ok.

There are other methods that do not use a plugin or not?

You could use a barcode font and write the barcode with normal text functions.

I suppose it depends on what kind of barcode you need to generate
Theres Code 3 of 9
A quick google for “barcode xojo” and “barcode real studio” gives you a bunch of other hits (but I have no idea how well these work)

You have a few options. There are classes for code 39 ean 13 128 etc… or you can even use barcode fonts to achieve the same. DutchTools mod does code 39 and ean 13… can be found doing a search or over at

Happy Holidays everyone.

Can not find from there? Any direct url?

Check this link:

Can be invoked from a shell:


we have a plugin using zint here:

For mac and windows, this might also be interesting to use:

Can create some of the barcodes