General License Question

OK I was looking at the FAQ and I noticed the one license question and the answer was the following.

“Yes. Your Xojo deployment licenses allow you to deploy indefinitely with all Xojo releases prior to the expiration date of your license(s). To deploy with Xojo releases that ship after your expiration date, you will need to renew your license. Renewals are available for 12 or 24 months.”

Does this mean for desktop applications to continue using applications you have already deployed you will need to renew license to continue to using these desktop applications?



It means you cannot deploy (build) apps using versions of Xojo that are released after your license has expired.

Existing apps that have been built/deployed do not know anything about your license and will continue to run indefinitely.

No… once you purchase a license… the latest version released by Xojo during your license period, will work “forever”… barring changes Apple/Microsoft may make in the future.

So if you have Xojo 2014r1.1 (current)… and your license period expires tommorow (for example). you can still compile and deploy using this version 6 months from now.

What you could not do, is download Xojo2014r2 and use it to compile and deploy, assuming R2 was release after your subscription expired.

Basically … you can continue to use the last version released during your active period.