General Comment about Xojo 2019r1.2

Just having a blast actually. I’m writing a piece of software to manage sales, inventory, engine builds etc for a local shop. Its a project I took on since I brought their Rottler CNC back from the dead so they just happened to ask if I was a developer.

I’ve done stuff like this before except it was deployed on a Linux box and it was an interface for a SF600 head flow machine. Not truly an “interface to it” as it sounds, meaning, not connected directly. It was more for computing cylinder head flow and then printing the sheet based on input from measurements entered into the app from the operator of the SuperFlo machine.

This one is a standalone executable and funny enough for a machine shop just like the previous project. I was considering .NET but it would take me too long to knock it out since I’m still green in C#.


With Xojo you don’t have to manage a lot of old, deprecated or bugged dependencies. After a long learning process in C# and in Objectif C, Cocoa SWIFT Swiftui Xojo is my choice too