GD Warning: GD image support has been disabled


I saw this on a console app:

GD Warning: GD image support has been disabled

So when did Xojo change and disable GD for picture handling?

That is for REALLockPictureDescription with pictureGDImagePtr.

What are you getting in Console then instead ? Same as on Desktop ?.

And if this is true then its one more terrible lack of communication from Xojo :frowning:

client complained that plugin creates only white picture in worker.
I could reproduce this and looks like, if I use code for CGBitmap in the console app, it works.

So its on mac then at least…

Question on what the other platforms do.

And I expect this is only on 2021r3 and r3.1 ?

Also broken in 2021r1.1 for me. Amazing that no other client complained so far.

Yea I do not got complaint either… hmmm

2020r2.1 also gives the warning!?

Works in 2020r1.1 with GD Image.

It possibly might be only on Mac, no way to know though without testing or getting comment from them on this mess.

While William is not in yet, I did a quick look for any changes in console graphics since 2020r1 and only came up with a single case:


Could you check to see if setting AntiAliasMode to Off fixes this issue?

AntialiasMode is on Graphics, we are talking about the Picture Object.

can you find that warning message in the source code?

I may have looked on the wrong spot. Seems like the bug is in REALBuildPictureFromBuffer: REALBuildPictureFromBuffer not working for console

So getting the handle from the picture is still GD Image ?

What about the warning you get ?

I have to correct that pictureGDImagePtr works. And I replaced REALBuildPictureFromBuffer with my own implementation, which seems to work for now.

Still I’d love to see REALBuildPictureFromBuffer fixed.