The GasReport.xojo_binary_project example holds two files.
I run it, does understand nthing, quit,
search the image gasoline-tank.jpg,
remove it (from the project,
run it,
still do not understand anything, but now I know: the image is not used in the project.

That does not really help the Xojo user who try to understand Xojo Report.

More information:
I have this very same project in the Real Studio 2012 Release 2.1 folder. All three files are these, dated from 2012 vs March 2017

But the image (icon I must say) is displayed.

No tester check the examples ?

Picture1 does not have the gasoline-tank.jpg image set in GasPricesReport.

Please file a bug report in feedback


47838 - GasReport Project: the image is not displayed in 2017r1