GameInputManager - avoid mouse movements?

Hi there, this is Oliver writing. I built a lot of database applications with Xojo using a lot of APIs, but I’m kinda new to the gameinputmanager.

I’ve received a SpaceMouse which is a product of 3Dconnexion to be used as hardware controller to steer a 3-axis Pan-Tilt-head by it’s API. Using GameInputManager and it’s elements, it’s working fine to read out the SpaceMouse and all its Values and elements. So far so good.

However - moving the puck on that cool thinggy also moves the regular mouse cursor which I really want/need to avoid in that way, that if somebody operates the 3-Axis head using the SpaceMouse, that the mouse will also race across the screen according to the use of the SpaceMouse. Finally it should be “the regular mouse is for operating the computer, the Spacemouse is just read out for the control of the 3-axis head”. Unfortunately / Luckily, the SpaceMouse Pro also is recognized as HID device. I hope to get it working so far, that like when running a flight simulator while turning the joystick to the right, your computer mouse won’t move to the right.

Can I somehow “block” that, telling the computer somehow while using the SpaceMouse “do not use this as a regular mouse” ? Currently, I develop on MacOS, however the compiled application shall also be used on Windows.

Thank you for sharing your ideas !

should be an option at mouse settings/driver if you not want it as mouse input device and more a gamepad input.