Game engine with UI, I am working on

I am currently working on a game engine with a whole user interface for making games. It is currently using a drag and drop programming interface and there are no public releases available yet. But it should be using XojoScript also a scripting language to go over my drag and drop language. Got a lot of work before I get round to sharing my releases with others but I am getting there. It should be for Windows and Mac, hopefully Linux. To all of those just starting out with learning to program, I have taken a long leap, and I find programming very interesting and fun.

I am 15 years old; a high school student that lives in England. and my school does not have any lunch clubs or anything like that so hopefully I should be getting round to sharing my passion with other students. As I do know quite a few kids at my school, who are learning to program but I find it very difficult and I want to help people out.

Where did you people start out. What was your first big project? How old where you went you started out? Does anybody NOT just love to program?

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Features include (with work in progress - mostly implemented):

  • Built-in sprite editor:

  • Live preview of for sprite’s dimensions

  • Ability to resize sprites with mouse

  • Collision system

  • Particle system

  • Sprite system

  • Graphics rendering powered by OpenGL

  • Windows and Max support, likely Linux

  • Very intuitive drag and drop programming system

  • XojoScript scripting support

  • Built-in level/scene editor

  • Convenient asset importing (including sprites, sounds, scenes, objects, and any kind of file)

  • Convenient asset naming/organising system

  • Organised tabs

  • Windows 8 styling (icons and custom toolbar with possible changes)

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A very interesting project. I would love to play with it if you need any testers. Gamedev has always been an interest for me.

Cool thanks. It would be awesome to have a mix of testers. I have found a perfect person for testing my app. As this guy does not have any programming knowledge, he has had difficult learning to program but he’d love to get into it. :wink: