FYI: StackView classes

In case you are looking for a StackView class:

I bought Martin’s StackView a while ago, and just recently got the chance to look at the code of Rob Egal’s StackView class (Note that Rob suddenly disappeared in 2015 - not just here on the forum - and quite probably had a fatal accident).

I don’t understand why Rob’s StackView was ever considered superior. For example it was said that it does not flicker. Well, it is for MacOS X only, so big woopsie. It basically wraps an Mac only NSView and uses a lot of declares.

Martin’s StackView class is pure Xojo and uses three levels of ContainerControls. And with the improvements for Windows in Xojo 2018 R1.1 it doesn’t flicker on Windows. And it works on Linux.

So I’d say Martin’s implementation is the far superior one.

My 2c.

Dear Markus,

thank you for your kind feedback. I also liked Rob’s component in the beginning, but with each update there were more complications. And since I like Xojo just because of the cross-platform approach, it was obvious to write a class of my own.

I am looking forward to further feedback and screenshots from users who use the StackView in their apps.