Fuzzy text in IDE with x2016r4 (Win7)

Just started using 2016.4 (.1) and notice fuzzy text in the IDE. I recall reading something about that, but can’t find it. What am I supposed to do to sharpen the IDE text?

Windows 7

Unfortunately I have the same issue here Mark (Win7). There are also major problems with windows printing.


Hope these issues get resolved, meantime I’ve reverted back to 2016R3.

Wow - thanks Steve. I knew I had read some of those before, but I guess I imaged I read an answer on how to address it - I was wrong on the answer part. That last piece (in the last post link you provided) from Christian concerns me since I use DynaPDF. I will have to see if that part of my code is broken.

Indeed for instance the title in the mockup window of the IDE is fuzzy. But it does not show like that in the build.

Yep - I am still using r4.1 because the builds I have done do still work OK. I am particularly happy with the weblistbox.cellpicture feature which I have already put to good use (and using Xojo Cloud, Windows issues shouldn’t be an issue there - I believe). Even my Win PC based project builds are good so far (but need to test DynaPDF after reading Christian’s comments).