FunctionNotFoundException on Pi


With a blank ARM-32 project from Xojo 2020 R1.1, and the newest Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit?) and compiling the program with Windows 10, I am getting the error:

Is there a workaround to have a Xojo program run on Raspberry Pi? I installed lubunwind8, and copied the files to the Raspberry pi, gave run permissions with ‘sudo chmod +x test’ and ran with ‘sudo ./test’.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

no stack trace?


uname -a

In cli and post output here plz

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B, and typing this in a terminal has the following result:

Now the program is working, with an extended delay before starting the program. Chuckle, I have been troubleshooting this for 4 hours this morning and have been getting different errors.

Thanks for your help. I have no idea what changed.

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