Fun with the arrow keys

While this is a bug, it’s more of an Easter egg than annoyance:


In short, go to the end of your code in a code editor, keep pressing the right arrow key and watch the column readout at the bottom. Sometime before it hits infinity, switch to the left arrow key.

feedback://showreport?report_id=51226 only almost a year late Kem :wink:

Weird that the hyperlinked case is the same instead of the one mentioned as duplicate (Julian’s comment on case 53947)

And guess what: That’s considered “by design” :slight_smile:
See feedback://showreport?report_id=49947

Thank you Jürg.

What I expect, either:
a) there is no hyperlink at all, or
b) there is a hyperlink to the other case

It doesn’t make sense that I am in case X and then there is link to same case X and not case Y. I understand that maybe that’s how the program was designed, and they don’t want to change it because it makes sense to them.

Maybe they can add an option that we can report “not expected” behavior instead of “bug”.

That’s why I didn’t put feedback://showreport?report_id=53774 as a bug, because I think that’s how it was designed, but for me it makes sense to change it.

Well at least reporting it twice got it fixed =\ Thanks Norman and Kem :smiley: