Fullscreen mode: how do I disable the "hide other monitor contents" ?

For a simple project, I needed to be able to draw full screen.

What was my surprise to see the other monitors dimed !

VLC do that, but have a preference to not do that.

Where is that preference in Xojo ?

I you work on a MAC, you sould read this here. If your OS version is lower than 10.9, all other displays are has a grey structur. If have tested the fullscreen on Windows7 Pro. the external display show my appliccation or the Xojo window in fullscreen modus and the notebook display show a normal view (no dimming).

Hi Horst, thank you for your kind answer.

yes, this is on OS X *, OS X 10.8.5. I run WXP with VirtualBox, so only one screen here.

Fullscreen works with FireFox, Safari, VLC, etc.

Did I told you that I do not understand the pro of dimming all other monitors when one have one window set to full screen ?

Even Norman will cry in that case: two external monitors dimmed if the laptop internal monitor displays a window fullscreen !

Imagine you are working on a monitor and set tennis (from TV) full screen on the smaller (second) monitor ?

In fact, I created that application because I am unhappy with Firefox / Safari full screen modes !

  • I do not updated to Mavericks because of their strange implementation of the full screen stuff… 10.9 displayed the application (EyeTV) menu bar on the top of the TV data: go figure. I do not want to continue to give examples on how bad this is implemented. I hope a better 10.9.3 to install it on my boot disk.

I’d complain to EyeTV about that menu bar problem. When 10.9 first came out, I had a few apps that did that and they were all solved by app updates, not OS updates.

I checked with Mavericks 10.9.2 and the other monitor is not hided (while running my application).

Greg: EyeTV: I do not noticed the change WAS in the application. I ran the 10.9 update, boot on it, run EyeTV and see the difference. I may (or not) download an EyeTV update that correct the trouble before making the test. I do not know.
Note that I was awaiting changes in OS X, thus my believes.

And, I am awaiting many changes in OS X (10.9.3); I think that I will install it as my main hard disk boot (I have to change the integrated 500GB with a 1TB and so I will install 10.9.3 at the same time).