Full-Screen Button Setting Always Ignored?

I could swear this was different in former versions, or do I err?
Under Sierra and with Xojo 2016r4.1, no matter what I set the Full-Screen button property of a window in the IDE, the window always goes into full screen mode. As such, the Maximized event never fires. It does only so when I invoke the Maximize method. I tried with 2016r3 but it’s the same. Is it Sierra behaving differently?

I seem to recall that the only way I could prevent full screen was to apply a maximum height and width to my Windows.
Otherwise the thug which is OSX would just maximise everything, including teeny little property style dialogs and things with one line of text and a button…
(Same thug that insists that all my documents have to be tabbed, but doesnt tell me that they got resized to make that happen!)

Starting with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), the Maximize button is treated as a full screen button. You do not have to specifically set FullScreenButton to True. In order for the user to maximize a window rather than put it into Full Screen Mode, they should Option-Click on the Maximize button or double-click the title bar.

Thanks, Jeff and Paul!
So the fullscreen button is only useful for older OS X versions?

[quote=307024:@Ulrich Bogun]Thanks, Jeff and Paul!
So the fullscreen button is only useful for older OS X versions?[/quote]
That’s what I can conclude too, under Yosemite and Mavericks the Full Screen Button option works just fine, under El Cap and Sierra the green dot is always full screen.

I only ever use Full Screen when watching videos or testing Full Screen, I happen to like the menubar being there (for usability purposes).