Full date on posts

Would it be possible for posts to be presented to us with their full posting data/time? I’ve been looking through some old posts on old, closed, threads and it’s a bit confusing to see a date such as from a post from January 2015 displayed as Jan '15, and a date from January 2020 as Jan 15. Spot the subtle difference.

Any chance, also, that post dates can be in a darker font than the faint gray we have at the minute?


+1, and then we could probably drop the need to auto-close old postings. It happened mainly (and almost too me as well) to respond to very old stuff, just because it has not been clear enough or not clear at all.

Just fyi, when you put your mouse over the relative date, the full date is shown.

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I have made this change so it will now display the full year.


Thank you.

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