FTP download in Xojo

Does anyone have any examples of downloading a file from an FTP server so that the Xojo app can then progress the file? I know it can all be done in Xojo itself but was thinking about using FTPsuite or the FTPclient socket class, has anyone used these or have any other suggestions on how I should do it. Thanks.

I use Monkeybreads CURL(S) Class for this, because it is very easy.
I also have a FTPSuite License but i find it to complex. But this may be just because i am no Xojo Guru :slight_smile:

you can implement cURL on OSX without the MBS plugins… search the old RealStudio Forum… I posted all the code there a while back


You know, this forum just keeps amazing me. It is Sunday afternoon on Mothers Day here in the UK and within 25 minutes of putting up a question I get multiple answers back. I have been involved in beta testing etc many other products over the years and have never found such a helpful bunch of knowledgeable people. Thanks, I am going to look at all the recommendations.

:slight_smile: It is early Sunday MORNING here on the West Coast of the US…[quote=75215:@Mike Cotrone]http://forums.realsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=35296[/quote]
Thanks Mike… I was too lazy to go find it… but that is the topic I had in mind :slight_smile:

I have used that example before Dave so I knew where to grab the link from :slight_smile: Thank you again for posting that!

Well Dave I hope you have a really great day, mine has been spent with the wife and kids and sadly for them they have had to listen to me singing the praises of Xojo and the forum, needless to say it makes no sense to them and so long as I bought them ice cream they pretended to be impressed :wink:

Greetings from Las Vegas.
For full control with CURL, use the plugin. They support FTP via SSH and FTP with SSL on all three platforms.
Writing it in pure Xojo is not good as the SSLSocket is not secure.