fswatch and libfswatch


Just wondering if anybody has implemented libfswatch (and library based on fswatch) for multi-platform monitoring of arbitrary paths.


I have an app that used to use FS Events which I moved to FSWatch for Linux but I can’t get FSWatch compiled properly as a helper to run in Windows.

I was wondering if anybody has tried (and managed) to get libfswatch working as an included library in a Xojo application, which would be even better than using the helper (if I ever can make it compile in Windows).


PS: I know about MBS Events plugin. I’m trying to continue using FSWatch as it has worked so well in the past for me. I use it constantly in Mac and Linux in standalone mode and as helpers.

I would guess this commercial plugin is based on it:


I would’ve as well, but it seems it only has the same name (actually, there’re tons of completely unrelated packages and libraries for multiple platforms and languages all called similarly, which people seem to be OK with but causes a lot of confusion).

From Björn’s notes, he’s developed this using different APIs in each place (FSEvents, iNotify and whatever Windows has this week).

I might need to share the code for what I’m doing, though, so I’m not sure I’d be able to include a plug-in (including a compiled fswatch or libfswatch would be OK as the code is available).

Well, if there is some interest, i could make a libfswatch MBS Plugin.

Hi, Christian.

Although I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea (in my experience fswatch is fantastic) I wouldn’t be able to use it easily as I don’t know yet if I’ll be required to provide source code for all parts of this or just for the main app. Thanks, though.

[quote=333392:@Karen Atkocius]I would guess this commercial plugin is based on it:


While I said the name was too common I was intrigued to see how much. So I searched in github and found eight whole pages of projects named a variant of “fs watch” :smiley: