From RS2012 v1.2 to Xojo: problems with MySQL?

In 2006 I developed an extensive CRM system for my company in Realbasic and I have been maintaining and updating this software since then, using the Real software until RealStudio 2012 version 1.2 (I’m still using that right now). I use a MySQL database and for that I use the MySQL Plugin Beta 10 that came with RealBasic somewhere in time…

This MySQL Plugin Beta 10 is exactly the reason I was afraid to upgrade to Xojo: this old plugin does not work in Xojo anymore and I’m not sure what Xojo uses to access a MySQL database (I guess MySQLCommunityServer?) and how to rewrite my software to do so? Did the command set change much? Since my CRM system has grown to a 55 window monster it will have quite a lot of MySQL actions in the code…

I also think I don’t have a community server??

I use commands like:



recordset=App.DBNAME.sqlselect(“SELECT * FROM complaints WHERE number=’”+str(nummer)+"’")
if recordset <> nil then number=rs.Field(“number”).IntegerValue

Just tested my current software in RS2012 v1.2 with MySQLCommunityServer and the good news is that it works, bad news is that it’s 10 times slower than the Beta 10 plugin I use now…