From HTML to Unicode ?

I need to copy some html text and import it into Xojo with the same formatting, in particular I’m copying molecules from this website: (
As you can see the numbers are subscripts, and that’s what I need, but when I paste the text on Xojo the numbers become normal numbers and it doesn’t look
very professional.

Any workaround for this ?


Well I just took a peek, they’re subs using the <sub> tag.

for example: C<sub>15</sub>H<sub>20</sub>O<sub>4</sub>

What kind of element are you pasting the numbers in, and what OS?
Does it allow for formatted text pastes?
Are your users going to paste these strings, or just you prior to release?
Are you fetching the strings with HTTP, or do you explicitly expect the formulas to be pasted in.
Are they stored in any way within your app?
If you do intend to store them, here’s some information on Unicode subscripts and superscripts.
What exactly is the string that’s pasted?

not for the users, it’s for my software (in the code area).
If there’s an html tag then I’m afraid it can’t be converted. I’ll have to do it manually,
thanks anyways