From Airport to Hotel

This is probably in some other spot, but what is the best way to get to the hotel from the airport. Shuttle, taxi, uber, something else?

Taxi 80$
Uber 35$

uber worked fine for me.

uber is generally the cheapest… generally the safest no matter what US city you are in.
Taxis charge extra fees just being taken to/from airport. And their $$/mile is generally much higher.
Shuttles are a mixed bag depending on the city/service combo.

I almost always use uber when I travel (and these days I tend to do a lot of it).

I took the bus! 1.25$ cash to downtown, then another 1.25 to take the 82 that drops you off at the hotel. Takes a while though…

I’m flying into hobby (HOU) this evening around 7. Anyone who wants a ride in my rental car is welcome. Pm me for where to meet at the airport.