Fresh Install 2016r3 Windows 10 is crashing every time

Yes, it’s outdated, but the Direct2D engine is unusable for this project until it allows for custom fonts.

But there’s a problem, it’s a brand new, fresh install, and I can’t get it to work.
It gets through the launch process okay, but then the update window opens and I get an error that kills the whole thing.

Has anyone seen this?
Does anyone know of a fix?

What happens if you turn off your internet connection(s) before launching the IDE?
Without internet I would assume the update-check will not run (and hopefully the crash doesn’t occur). if so, then you can turn off the update checks in the preferences.

In my attempts to get around this I installed 2017r1.1 and disabled automatic update check based on your suggestion.
2016r3 now launches just fine.

That’s really embarrassing.