"Freeze panes" style functionality


I’m trying to show a web listbox where the first column needs to stay fixed (in the same way the header is), similar to what Excel calls “freeze panes”. The rest of the lisbox overflows to the bottom and to the right, so scroll should allow both directions.

In the past I’ve done this a couple of different ways for Windows and Mac, since I could either take control of painting or I could have two listboxs kind of working in unison, but I don’t find a way to make it work here.

This may not be something that is common but have you ever had to tackle such a listbox type on the web target and found a way to do it?

The goal of this UI is to show a list of task on the first column and a calendar on the next columns, so users can scroll the calendar right-left or up-down and the first column should continue showing the task list.

It might be that the best is not to use a listbox but at this point I’m not seeing clearly.

NOTE: I just noticed XLSheetMBS may work for what I ask, but I don’t know if it may be overkill for what I need. I’ll see the demos for web target just in case.