Freelancer to hire?

Just wondering, if it’s possible to hire someone to resolve my problems in desktop macosx app and help me out, coz waiting ofr answers to I could go forward, getting me so frustrated.

Do you have any more information on the work?

sure but only private pls, do u have skype? send me in msg ,thanks

A little patience with questions here. First off, not everyone who can answer your questions is here 24/7. It’s a holiday weekend in the US, for example. Many questions that might seem simple are fairly complicated under the surface. Many questions are just plain difficult to decipher. Try focussing on one at a time and giving it a few days to gel here.

in UK too… we have friday and monday off too…

it is an extended holiday weekend in Europe also. Most of the people I work with in UK & NL are on 4 day holiday weekend.

And not everyone here on the forums can visit daily. Some of us only get to get on the forums a few days a week. So we cant answer the questions immediately. A little patience goes a long way.


If you are looking to hire a consultant, you can fill out the Find a Developer form. I’ll then get your request posted to the Consulting Requests channel for consultants to review and get back to you.

Not needed - I removed this

Sure. We don’t need that :frowning:

Darn I was going to give me cost effective rate of 100,000,000 per hour :slight_smile: Its ok because thats in Canadian dollars :slight_smile: