Free Xojo Web 2 Plugin: teccCSS

FWIW, yet another free Xojo Web 2 Plugin, for those struggling with CSS. Making the desired changes in the IDE and then analyzing the changes in the CSS might give the beginner an idea of how powerful (and ultimately easy) changes in CSS really are. Some might just want to use it to make smaller changes (mainly on the WebListbox and the WebToolbar).


Hi, I downloaded and tried to run the demo app but it says “Event Loop” and stop. No exception messages.

Which Xojo Version are you using?

I am using Xojo 2021 Release 1.1

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can you please provide me any further Information, which Browser, which OS are you using etc. Unfortunately I just can’t simulate it on my computer (latest macOS, Safari/Chrome, out-of-the-box Xojo theme). This doesn’t mean there is not an error, but I just can’t help without further information.

Sorry, I am using:

Xojo 2021 Release 1.1 on mac

Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit)

macOS Big Sur Ver 11.1
MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
Processor: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Thank you, pretty much my machine. Never tested on Firefox, but right now and it is working.

Can you please try something like this. Add an event App.UnhandledException to the the demo App and add the following code:

Var err as String = string.join(error.stack, endofline)

And then post the content of err here? Sound to me like some exception occurring on your machine but not mine. This should catch it, and then we go from there.

Something comes to my mind right now. Your HTML Header in the IDE, should not contain any elements. This could interfere of course. Just comes to my mind that I never tested that ;-). But if you are running the demo app as downloaded this shouldn’t happen anyways.

Update: I just tested waht happens with an existing style element. It even then works on my machine, of course depending on the CSS in that style element things might get screwed up, but Xojo will still inject the teccCSS code into the header.

Thank you. But it says an error.

Apologies: not at my desk, mixed up AP1 and API2. Try this please, that should work, and then I need the content of err please:

Var err As String = String.FromArray( error.stack, EndOfLine )

I got the same thing. It’s one of those in-the-framework exceptions that pause the debugger on absolutely nothing. Attaching a screenshot (sorry if it’s massive).

This plugin is freeware and it is unconditionally available for any use, but is without warranty, and w/o any official support.

Might I suggest making it open source then? That would allow others to step in and help fix bugs. Additionally, experienced developers will not use encrypted classes because of the black-box inability to fix bugs.

Works perfectly on my Mac 🤷

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is there something known to do about it ? I have something similar in one project I would like to get rid of. works in 2020r21 and bug in 2021r11.

You can try to track down a line that might cause it (we can’t because this class is encrypted). Alternatively, submit a bug report and pray someone on staff is curious.

Thank you, Mark. Weird. Working on our side as well for 20+ projects on different computers. I wish I would have a computer where it is not working.

Yes, it often is just one single line of JavaScript Code causing strange behaviours, but your debugger might still be happy, but can apparently cause issues on other computers, that’s what is strange.

I just updated the plugin, I had one mistake in, which I just found in TypeScript, but overlooked yesterday. I used this.refresh() but typeCSS is a non-visual control. Not sure if that’s the root cause or not. I might find time over the weekend to have a deeper look at it.

For some reason the SelectedRowIndex of the Combobox1 is set to -1.
Changing this to 0 resolves the issue.


Hah! Thank you. This silly mistake doesn’t puzzle me too much, but the fact that it runs for me (and a few others)? I will upload a new version. Thank you for time.

I did. and no answer in a week except that it is reproductible.

Hah (I know I’m repeating myself), just copied a second combobox on the webpage, and at least on my machine it is getting automatically this silly index -1 ? Can someone confirm this? I have never noticed this, but I’m usually filling everything via code, but not for this simple demo.

I mean, it’s perfectly legal in the Desktop framework. Seems like something got overlooked.

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