Free SQLite Database Manager

For my own use I have created a SQLite Database manager to help with my database applications.

It has a table creator, SQL manager and helper that allows you to create SQL text and scripts that can be copied in to your Xojo applications.

There is some missing functionality (Index and Trigger creation) but it is in working order.

Download from here:

Please let me have comments.

Thanks all.


Well done Simon!
Thank you for sharing that with us all. I often use an SQLite database manager app, so I’m more than happy to test it for you.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, Richard.

Any feedback directly to me at simberr at gmail dot com.

I hope it is to your liking.


still have some work to use it but it’s in a good way.

This application uses unregistered plugins from Monkeybread Software. Please inform the developer of this application that they need to purchase a license from Monkeybread Software to remove this message. Thank you. (Cocoa: NSUserDefaults, Version 14.2 from Jun 22 2014, Process ID: 12761)
An exception of class SQLErrorExceptionMBS was not handled.  The application must shut down.

Exception Message: duplicate column name: Untitled Exception Error Number: 1

Don’t understand why developing a tool where there are some available as freeware.

Maybe Simon enjoys the satisfaction of making his own version; I know I do.
If nobody ever made anything, simply because a version already existed - nothing would ever advance.


Forgot the registration part, now fixed.

Download from here:


Because it is there, or because you can. :wink:

Agree !


Does it not open .rsd files from Real Studio? It’s not letting me select them in the open dialogue.

I will fix that.


Why did Chevrolet build a car? The Ford Model A already existed…
Why did RealBasic do what they did, 1000’s of programming languages already existed
Why did Apple or Dell or HP build a computer? IBM already had one.

Now fixed.

The app crashes when the database is encrypted.


Now extended to include Indexes.