Free SQL LR displayer… and SQLite Example

Sometimes ago, without internet access, I needed some SQL help and do not have it.

I created one that I share now with an example using SQLite.

The two projects (xojo_binary_project) were created with Xojo 2021r2.1.

Nota: I’ve made a design error; I used information from SQL Tutorial and some informations does not works with SQLite / not implemented in SQLite.

The screen shot below represent the moment in time when I realized I’d better create an example Data Base project instead of adding Xojo code in the original project.

Enjoy it (them).

Of course, you may find some misfeat (typos, errors, etc.). You are encouraged to report them to me.

BTW: I added a screen shot of a different .sqlite graphics structure only to display the limits of the example (too many tables to be reported in that “small” screen.
That is the last feature I add and was … tired ! So, if someone can modify it to overcome this limit: welcome to share the code.

As you can see in the screen shot, the many lines SQL examples can be coded in a similar way with Xojo; but this is not mandatory: I do it that way, so you know what to do with the SQL code example you will find in the web.

The used data base (structure and data) was taken from as they use that in their examples.

Ideas to add features, etc. are welcome too.

I hope you will enjoy that code sharing.

BTW: I knew I was forgetting something… the URL !

There are two folders there.


looks nice thanks !
wanted to dl, you have to register ?

to dl multiples files you have to register, you can dl one by one

sorry can’t you put it somewhere else ? even with registration, you can’t download multiples files

Use JDownloader (a download manager) and you will be able to download everything.

Of course, I could have put a zip file with everything inside…

BTW: I exported the code of the two project to pdf (present in the web page).

I added an archive file (actually uploading); it is 6.7MB).


I downloaded the two folders using JDownloader2, and zipped the two as you can see above.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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no worries, just downloaded it, thanks a lot !!! :slight_smile:

There is a window that displays the built-in .sqlite file structure as graphics:

Isn’t it nice ?

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It’s very… yellow :slight_smile:

Looks useful though.

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Taste and colours, you know…

I could have added some green too…

About colors:
women wed in white in our countries, but some people fear white elsewhere… Black is for cimetary, but WE have white walking after a rapist kills its victim.

So, change the colors and use the code.

Yellow-Red are the Circus colours and always makes me feel happy.

I will change the coding, using Variables so it will be easier to set the colors (excepted for the shadow who will stay black. I love the black colour too (1)).

(1) after all, Schwarz = Black !