Free ODBC options on the Mac?

Looking for recommendations…

A current project supports SQLite as a stand-alone database, and I’ve written everything in as generic SQL as possible so that I’ll be compatible on “all” databases.

I need to test ODBC, and I code on a Mac.

What options would you advise to test on? I don’t want to buy anything because I won’t use it for anything other than testing, and probably not even frequently at that.


I’ve used the Microsoft SQL server ODBC drivers on Mac before - they work with MS SQL server obviously. You need to use home brew to install. You could fire up a free MSSQL database on windows and test using that. The drivers are available here

I guess more specifically, I need to do this on a Mac without access to a Windows server.

just run sqlexpress in a virtualised windows desktop instance - no need for Windows Server. Just to test ODBC this is what I do.

I appreciate that. I’ve stopped using parallels or the likes. I just find it too frustrating.
When I’m in my home office I have a PC to connect to but I work out of the office too much and don’t want a 2nd computer.
The virtual PC always just feels like a drag on resources and performance.
There must be a Mac db that has ODBC drivers.

Thank you for the suggestion though

@Chris_Halford try if you are not a fan of

With both you will find instructions on the net how to install ODBC. As homeBrew is officially Intel only and as Apple wants to get rid of python, php etc. natively it might be safer to go down the MAMP path.

OK, I had no idea Docker existed. I setup MS SQL in that environment and it runs great.
Now if I could only get my ODBC Driver to connect!

However, I did manage to connect to MS SQL Server running on my Mac from a Windows workstation. That’s pretty cool.

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Ahh, I need new glasses, I read MY SQL not MS SQL, but glad that you found a way to “sandbox” your test environment.

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