[Free] Checksum Generator


I was annoyed of certutil on Windows and saving the hashes to a text file, so I created this handy tool.

It can generate MD5, SHA256 and SHA512 hashes, in addition you can save it to a text file including the file name and timestamp of hash generation.

Useful when you want to publish and provide checksums for your own Windows software.

Download executable binary (Virustotal.com)

Download project file

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Alexander, there’s very few people that will blindly run an exe from a relatively new member of the community.

You’d be better off sharing the binary project file if you’re trying to give back to the community, which many will appreciate.

Then, I will share the project file in addition to the executable binary here.

But, relatively new?! Come on. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like many appreciated it. 28 views, absolutely no response at all.

For us in the US, you posted that in the middle of the night. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Don’t be disheartened with the lack of instant gratification, others have fallen foul of that, some people come back over days and weeks, any info, tips, projects etc are always welcome even if people don’t say so.


This looks like a handy little tool to keep people out of the command line, nice work!

As Julian mentioned, sharing the project provides better transparency - but also it allows us to build for platforms you might not have! If you can save text format, I recommend sharing code with Github, it’s where I share my open source projects.

Thanks for sharing your work :smiley:


I have also created a simple YouTube downloader called Media Pirate. Is it allowed to be posted here?

Where did you get your t-shirt? I want Xojo merchandize!