Free app for tracking and generating change logs

Hi everyone,

I’ve made an app to help track version history for apps. It’s free, and available for both Mac and Windows. It has two export formats right now, HTML and DocuWiki. The HTML format is pretty basic, but easy to style. Example of HTML format The DocuWiki format generates a table to include on a page. Example of DocuWiki format

Through some magic with GraffitiSuite, it also supports Dark Mode on Windows

Check it out

Thanks for this. I think you have the wrong links to your examples.

These links are correct. The ExeWrapper change log is generated by VersionTracker, and I have been working with Anthony to generate the DocuWiki format that works for his change logs. The generated output is supposed to be included within your own pages / styling.

I’m now using it to generate GraffitiSuite’s change logs for the wiki. Great work, @Tim Parnell !

Sorry. I thought they were linking to the spec for some reason. More coffee needed :wink:

Would be great if it was multi user so that we could have multiple people working on it at the same time.