fp Plugin 8.0

fp Plugin 8.0 is now 32-bit and 64-bit aware.

Using my own fp multi-precision engine, fp Plugin for Xojo adds six new data types, BigInteger, BigFloat, BigComplex, BigFraction, BigPoly, and BigMatrix. Except for available memory, there is no limitation on sizes.

BigFloat is a multi–precision floating point number. You can set both the internal precision and the decimal output precision for BigFloat, with no limitation except for available memory.
BigComplex is composed of two BigFloats.
BigFraction represents num/den where num and den are BigIntegers.
BigPoly represents a polynomial with BigFraction coefficients.
BigMatrix represents a matrix with BigFraction elements.

fp Plugin itself allows you to construct programs which can handle the six new data types much like doubles and integers are handled. To a large extent the new data types can be freely used with the +, -, *, and / operators, and can be used in comparisons. And most of Xojo’s functions have been overloaded to take the new data types, where it makes sense to do so. The added 7th data type is ComplexVector, which holds an array of complex numbers. Additional functions use the Laguerre method to find for a polynomial all its roots (complex or real) to any chosen precision.


Download page:



Hello ,

It seems that there is a problem with the fp plugin or maybe i`m using the things wrong here :

i do a codesign -f -s “Developer ID Application: ID” App_x64.app

And as a response i get :

App_x64.app: code object is not signed at all
In subcomponent: /path to app/App_x64.app/Contents/Frameworks/fp Plugin64.dylib

I`m doing anything wrong or the plugin itself has to be signed by the developer in a way ?

i downloaded the plugin from here http://delaneyrm.com/fpPlugin.html


I’ve been updating this plugin for many years. I didn’t know that it now should be signed. I would be grateful if someone would guide me to relevant documentation.

Does the plugin work for you?


Hello Robert,

Well the plugin works and all it`s ok until the steps i have to sign it and i get the issue, searching on the forum i found this info maybe it helps :


sign all the dylibs.

codesign -f -s 'MyID' MyApp.App/Contents/Frameworks/*.dylib 

sign the A version of Xojo’s framework

codesign -f -s 'MyID' MyApp.App/Contents/Frameworks/Frameworks/XojoFramework.framework/Versions/A/XojoFramework  

sign the wrapper for the framework

codesign -f -s 'MyID' MyApp.App/Contents/Frameworks/Frameworks/XojoFramework.framework  

sign the app

codesign -f -s 'MyID' MyApp.App

So i guess your part is the first step then make the plugin bundle, Maybe Christian can help more he has more experience on this.

Thanks again.

Hi Back, it seems that after following those steps the app was signed properly so no need to have the lib signed . It`s ok now.

Glad to hear that.