Forum Software Update: What's new in today's update?

We updated the forum software this morning. What’s new in this update?

[h]Here’s what’s new:[/h]

New: Answers
When someone answers your question, you can now mark it as answered! When you hover over a reply, there’s a new button next to the Quote button which says “This post answered my question”. Clicking it will mark the conversation as answered, just like this message!

New: Mark as unread feature
You can now mark an entire conversation as unread.

New: More powerful #limit gambit, allowing “view more” to be clicked multiple times.
You can now tell forum how many results you wish to see. Just add #limit:300 to show 300 entries. Clicking View More will add 200 items to your list.

New: User location field in user profile
If you wish to show your location on your messages, you can now add your location in your profile. Be aware that your location will always appear whether a user is logged in or not. We’ve filed a bug report about this.

New: Add multiple keyword search in member list (comma-separated)
Allows you to search for multiple people by first name. (e.g. Bob, Frank)

Various Bug Fixes