Forum Software Deleting Post Quotes

This is very annoying. I quote a reply in my post and the forum software deletes the quote - WHY? WHY?

I have to go back and edit the post and then it keeps the quote.

I have seen this too. I thought I noticed a pattern with quotes and markdown, but I don’t know if that’s the key.

Very annoying because the post gets marked as “edited” even if you don’t edit the quote back in.

Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. Initially, I just went in and re-added the quote. Now every time I go back to do that, I get a notice that the system deleted my quote automatically. Seems like this new firmware decides what is good and what isn’t. I hope Xojo fixes that. I also hate this tiny reply window on the bottom of the page…

You can make it taller by dragging the separator bar :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it is still annoying. I hate stuff pinned to the BOTTOM of a window.

And really weird. I looked in my notifications for the forum and it literally showed @Anthony_Cyphers as making this post!

Something buggy is going on…

Likely because I moved it from the General category to the Site Feedback category. :smiley:

Aha! You have special powers then…