Forum site difficult to reach

Am I the only one or are there more people who cannot reach the forum site or gets timeout of the Forum site. Also the Dev part is almost unreachable for me. This goes on now for a couple of days. It seems that these are the only sites difficult to reach for me. Are there server problems. I cannot read other topics too, as soon as I select a topic I do get an unreachable page.

You can use to check whether connection problems are just you.
For what it’s worth, no problems here.

No problem too from France.

Germany: Ok

All OK here too.

Southern U.S., no problems.

Western Canada - no issues here and the bits are really cold even :slight_smile:

West Coast USA

All good here

Asia ? Africa ?


North America !
they’ll be dancing in the streets …

[quote=464141:@Norman Palardy]North America !
they’ll be dancing in the streets …[/quote]

David Bowie (RIP) and Mick Jagger already did that :wink:

ok everybody, thank you for your response. Normally I reset the provider modem and the wifi AP at once, but this time it seems that my AP was messed up. I did reset the AP again and now it is working fine. The strange thing was that only the forum.xojo and the Dev center was very bad reachable for me, all other sites I use were working fine. That did confuse me.
Again, thanks for the responses