Forum Search Question

Is there a way to get the forum to display the results of a Xojo Forum search in chronological order? Every time I do a search the results come back in no discernible order. I’m usually trying to get the latest thoughts on an issue - not the thoughts from 5, 6 or 7 years ago.



Not currently. This has been requested in the past, but it’s not a simple proposition with the current forums software, apparently. Most people use Google with

How does this help? Do you put the search term before or after site:

search term

Or, if you want to search the old forums and blog, too:

search term

use the Custom Forum Search link in ths stick post Forums searching Tips
it basically does this for you

Thanks! Glad to know there’s a solution.

Alas this isn’t much use when trying to search private areas of the forum (Testers) that isn’t indexable by google to find out if a topic has already been discussed :frowning: