Forum: Low Performance

Since last week or so, i am experiencing a massive performance drop with the Forum. Pages taking very long to load, everything is very slow.
I’ve verified this behaviour at work and at home (2 different ISPs).

Is anybody else experiencing the same?

Location: Germany

Yep. I think most people are seeing it.

I am experiencing the same. Verrry slow.

Location: NJ, USA

+1 Paris, France

Kansas City is slow too. Painfully slow.

Here in Germany, too. Maybe Xojo is migrating to the new Flarum software :wink:

Yes, the forum is much slower than normal here in western Canada.

I can attest to this slowness being seen in Southern California as well lately

Hi @Dana Brown, can someone at Xojo please take a look at this issue? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, for about a week for me too, Southern California.

+1 The Netherlands

Same here in Northern (well north of Dave S) California

Same here in Qubec. I would think that it is the same anywhere. Whatever the reason, a resolution woud be welcome.


I even got an esotalk error page which I sent to
others have said they have also had errors from esotalk

It’s not slow for me here in northern California, though sometimes it’s unreachable.


Thanks Greg, its feeling a lot more snappy now.