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Thats interesting I didn’t know you could list members and their posting stats Xojo League Table

Well done @Norman Palardy top of the table.

Dang… I’m in 3rd place!!! :smiley:

Uh boy, clearly I spend way too much time here…

LOL… ain’t it the truth.
I work from home… so I have this forum up on one screen, XOJO on my main screen (personal projects …shhhh)… and a work VPN connection on my 3rd screen…

I can’t see a way to crunch the numbers but it feels like the number of posts on the forum is rising each month, a great sign that Xojo is growing. Some of this might be due to the decline/death of NUG, of course, but I think there are enough newbies around to suggest real growth.

From my chair, that’s a good thing. Thanks for all the help you and others have provided over the years for those like me that are, shall we say, less gifted.

As one of the less gifted myself, i have learned a lot from others in this community over the years. Without it I would not be a Xojo user today.

I have always appreciated to be able to ask any question and receive sometimes overwhelming assistance within hours, sometimes minutes. The least I can do, then, is share what was given to me.

Comparing with other places helps understand that this forum is extremely precious.

Even a comparison with the old RealBasic forum : a question there about screen capture on Windows got only inadequate comments and a vague answer recommending the extremely deprecated CaptureScreen, and no help about Declare. When I asked the same question here on Wednesday, I got working precise code snippets in hours, from two different members. Thank you, Tim and Matthew :slight_smile:

Yes it is a fantastic resource and community. There is sometimes a bit of banter but everyone is generally well behaved, polite and very helpful. And you are right, there is always someone willing to give you a hand but I find go that bit further than just typing a few lines of code in, you quite often find members who will go off, write and test a bit of code for you and then come back with an answer.

I do a lot of work in PHP and tend to use stack overflow for my PHP related queries. Completely the other end of the spectrum. You post a query and without fail the first comment is usually an attack on how you worded the question or that the query is a duplicate of another query.

I once posted a question on Stack Overflow - and also got flamed for the wording of my question !!!
Glad I am not alone on that one :slight_smile:

Three exclamation marks! How can you write that?

Sorry could not resist.

Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind. – (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

Yeah, I try to answer Xojo questions on Stack Overflow. It’s not the best place to ask them.

This is a much better venue for Xojo questions. With a few exceptions here and there, it’s filled with friendly developers that are passionate about Xojo. You just won’t get that on Stack Overflow. Plus it seems that the spelling and grammar Nazi’s hang out there.

“…spelling and grammar Nazis…”

Maybe Stack Overflow is a hangout for ex School Teachers :slight_smile:

Two things stick out at me:

(A) I don’t have a gravatar image (and I’m #12). Fixed
(B) Dave S is not an alpha OR beta tester? That’s terrible! (Also, maybe offer Tim an alpha tester spot)

No I am neither an Alpha or Beta tester… unfortunatly I do not have resources to apply to that… as much as I would like to.
But I do find it interesting the people that are marked as “BETA TESTERS”, and end up asking the programming 101 level questions… I mean seriously, how can you help find errors in a tool, when you can’t use the tool adequately to begin with.

Note : That comment was in no means aimed at a majority of the Beta testers… but there are a few,

And for the record… there is no “Z” in my name :slight_smile:

Because you don’t need to be on Charles level to help. Often it is the small stuff that is ignored by the real Pros (like spelling mistakes, examples not working, errors in code examples), and I’ve reported quite a few of those (often directöy to the relevant person, not in a bug report). They might not be essential but they give a bad first impression, and unfortunately first impressions count.

I think that Xojo needs a whole bunch of people who use the product in their own way. They won’t all be experts in all areas, but can highlight issues & perhaps find steps to reproduce bugs where others can’t.

“BETA TESTERS” don’t need to know the product only how to break it & report it, “ALPHA TESTERS” just get to do it quicker.

I am a novice / part time / hobby developer (I probably use Xojo 1 month out of every 7 or 8 months), but beta test various Xojo plugins from various plugin developers.

I seem to be able to find bugs which professional developers miss. It is obviously because I am looking at things differently from a professional developer.

I have a knack for finding the small bugs which are often overlooked.
I use it as my way of trying to give something back to the community, as I am not at the stage where I can offer coding advice to others yet.

I know that I am one of these people. i regularly facepalm when i get a question answered and i think to myself ‘i knew that really’, also i have a tendency to ask the same question more than once for some reason.

i think its usually when i am very busy and not really 100% concentrating on programming. I also ( long ago ) stopped caring if people view me as an idiot for doing this :wink: