Forum & Dropbox links?

I thought all the Dropbox links on the forum had been sorted out by Xojo? Or am I misremembering? Because some links are broken, for example

Anything that still says is now likely lost.
If it says and it’s broken, I can fix that.

I don’t believe it’s a Xojo Forum issue, but a DropBox issue. DropBox changed it’s access policies in the past 3 or 4 months.

I know. But wasn’t there an announcement that Xojo wanted to or had run a script to turn all the dropbox links into xojo links? That’s what I seem to remember, but maybe that was just a suggestion by someone …

No that’s exactly what we had done. Xojo provided me with a list of dropbox links in the forum, I downloaded them, put the files up on, and Xojo swapped out the dropbox links for the new ones. It looks like not every link made it to the list I was given though.

I know many of my drop box links didn’t get converted. Everything is still available since I leave it up though.

Maybe Xojo should have asked Kem for a better RegEx … :wink:

Phew! Glad I’m not that demented yet.