Formatted text editing control?

Is there a UI container or code that is readily available that is a formatted text box with buttons that lets you apply text attributes (preferably generating HTML). I’d like to replicate the look of a Xojo forum UX new conversation panel basically.

search the forum for “FTC”

You might want to also look at HTML Edit which happens to be part of the XJ Bundle

Info about HTML Edit (I think you’ll like it)

The toolbar is built in!

is that available for XOJO web?

CLEditor is part of the WebCustomControls package

you know @Bob Keeney , sometimes i swear i’m going senile. i looked at webCustomControls last night and couldn’t see it.
then you post a link, and look! its right there in the list :wink:

although the toolbar does look a little raggedy. i guess thats the resolution of the icons.

It happens. :slight_smile:

If memory serves, there is a bare bones HTML editor in the Xojo WebSDK example. It doesn’t have a lot of functionality to it out of the box but I know we’ve played with it a bit and it’s not hard to extend it to do what you want.

yeah, ive tried to use that. while its ok. i need one that can be embedded in a container, and resize as the container resizes. when i tried the YUI example i couldnt get it to resize at all.

thanks everybody. Especially HTML Edit control. I can’t wait to try it out.

Tim I reviewed your page and I like the way HTML Edit control looks. I couldn’t tell which platforms the control support. I’m assuming Windows and OS X? iOS or Web on the horizon. And are there any installation dependencies?

thanks again,

It’s a desktop control right now. Mac, Windows, and Linux.
It’s entirely Xojo code and I’ve just recently been informed it even works in real studio with no changes.

As mentioned in the doc file the only dependency is WebKit because I don’t trust the ie renderer on Windows to perform. This just means that a Windows app using it will (automatically) include the WebKit library, making the app slightly larger. It does however affect Linux end users as they will need to have installed WebKit (per the Xojo docs note on the matter.)

Web Framework
I have been looking into making a web framework version for some time now, but not being an expert with the web framework has slowed my research a bit.

I tried making an iOS version, but the text formatting bar on iOS kept getting in the way, and the selection would get lost when tapping a format option. It may be an issue related to a bug just fixed though, so I’ll have to give it another go.

I’m always around for support if you get stuck, so never hesitate to ask either by email or private message here on the forum. I have a couple requests in for additional editors so those may be available in the future.

Another option would be to use TinyMCE.
Xojo TinyMCE_Editor

make your TinyMCE Setup (Language, Toolbar Buttons …) in /Tiny/tinymce/tiny.html

I chose Quill for it’s simplicity and style. It’s a matter of opinion I guess, but that much complexity should be left to FTC.

I put a lot of love and time into HTML Edit so it behaves like a TextArea and is easy to use with the same functions. I’m always around for support, and I’m sure a lot of people here will tell you that’s an important part when buying tools.

HTML Edit Details
HTML Edit Documentation (no need to learn or use JavaScript)

Just purchased ur source code license!

TinyMCE is an option - but it adds more dependencies for you to get correct in your app. I just purchased HTMLEdit a couple of days ago as a replacement for TinyMCE.

Thanks Tim!