Formatted Text Control and Xojo 2021 v1.1 - working?

I’m trying to bring an old project to current version of Xojo and currently it fails with loads of errors related to Formatted Text Control. Bob Keeney is no longer in charge of it and I don’t know if anybody has taken it up to current Xojo?

Basically I am using the XojoScript Editor of it, with customized syntax highlighting, code completion and line numbering, find and replace, printing … it might be difficult to replace it easily.

Is there a more recent version of it and is it available?

Did you search the forum? Or TOF? The FTC was acquired by some group that has graciously made it open source: Formatted Text Control Has a New Home and is Open Sourced - General - Xojo Programming Forum

See GitHub - atomiccity/FormattedTextControl: The Formatted Text Control for Xojo

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