Formats For Exporting Classes

In REALStudtio we have the choice of exporting classes in rbo, XML or rbbas (version control) formats. And of course we can import classes in those formats.

in Xojo the only choices we have are xojo_binary_code (rbo) and xojo_xml_code (XML) formats though version control/text (xojo_project) format classes can still be individually imported.

Was the omission of a version control/text format class export option intentional ? If not will it likely be added back eventually? If not will the ability to import classes individually in that format continue to be supported?

Do this need a feature request or a bug report?

I ask because it matters to a utility I am writing.


  • Karen

Any one from Xojo care to comment?

You never really could make an external item in version control and that was a bug in the old IDE’s that it even suggested that.

Exporting is a slightly different matter so I suspect we just made a mistake when setting that up and just omitted that selection (cant actually say as I’m hip deep in some other code at the moment)

A bug report would be in order