format(mColory.cyan,"0.000") ?


on my French laptop returns a value with comma as the decimal value (decimal value separator in France is the comma).

If I want to display to the user the complete cmy value using:

TF_Color.Text = "cmy(" + Format(mColory.cyan,"0.000") + "," +Format(mColory.magenta,"0.000") + "," +Format(mColory.yellow,"0.000") + EndOfLine+ ")"

Code from memory and it can be wrong, but you get the idea.

I will get something like:


Unreadable and wrong. How can I get:

Replace( "cmy(" + Format(mColory.cyan,"0.000") ,",",".")

No, use Str.


Format uses the locale information on the computer, Str uses whatever format you put in.

Thank you.

I was tired at the time I post the question because I was thinking “there must be a Xojo command to do that” (thus my question), then I posted the question without searching (I usually make a quest before positing questions) ! What a shape…