Format error?

dim s as format(76.515,"99.0")+"%"
dim t as format(76.515,"90.0")+"%"

should not those both render as “76.5%”
the first is “.5%” the 2nd is correct

Are you sure about your code ?

Should it not rather be something like :

dim s as string = format(76.515,"99.0")+"%" dim t as string = format(76.515,"90.0")+"%"

That said I do see the same curious result.

Not sure what ‘9’ does in format.
Maybe you mean this? Dim s As String = format(76.515, “0.0”) + “%”

You are right Marco. 9 is not listed at

lol… I have always used “9” as a place holder for any digit, and it has worked (per the docs it should be “#”)

and no “0.0” would not be approrpriate as in the real code, I needed “999,999.0” which should of course be “###,##0.0”