Format DateTimePicker

Is it possible to format the date displayed in the DateTimePicker? I would like to use the format 2 Feb 2022, but it shows the format 2/02/22 and I don’t see a way to change it, either through the Inspector or via programming. Do I have to put a text field on top of the picker and update it every time the value of the picker changes (which seems a bit clumsy), or can the format be set somewhere?

Also, on Windows 10, there seems to be no graphical display for the time. I really like the one shown on the blog — is this only available on MacOS?

Thanks for your assistance! I am just starting to learn Xojo (coming from Filemaker Pro).

The online docs have a note that says “On macOS and Windows, the DesktopDateTimePicker displays time in the format chosen by the user in their system preferences.” Hope that helps.

Also checked out the notes on the docs describing “DesktopDateTimePicker.GraphicalDisplay”, which state “GraphicalDisplay is not supported on Windows.”

this is an open source date time picker for xojo
you can learn how to make your own and draw it like you want.

Thank you, William, that’s very helpful!

Thank you, Jean-Yves. I will look into that. It looks promising!